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This Public News section of our website is a blog visible to the public and our members. It describes club events and news relevant to Tesla and electric vehicle owners living in or visiting Florida. The blog has a Comments feature that we made available to the public for a couple of months. Unfortunately, we were inundated with spam and inappropriate comments. As a result, we are forced to limit comments to our membership. Non-members can still view our news articles and the remarks submitted by our members, but we regret that they won’t be permitted to leave their own comments.

  • July 01, 2018 3:48 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The New Fort Meyers Supercharger Station is under construction. The building in the background under construction is the new J&R Crab Seafood Restaurant.

    Please make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this article for periodic updates.

    A member of the SWFL EV Owners club has discovered the location of the “Coming Soon” Fort Myers Supercharger location. (This is a different location than the existing Fort Myers Supercharger Station located at Gulf Coast Town Center.) This new location is in the Colonial Square Mall. The Supercharger terminals are across Dani Dr from the Pollo Tropical.  There are currently (June 15th, 2018) 13 terminals installed and they are adjacent to the new J&C Crab Seafood Restaurant. 

    Below is a vicinity map.  As you can see it is just off of exit 136 of I-75 not far from the intersection of 6 Mile Cypress Parkway and Colonial Boulevard.

    Update as of June 19, 2018.

    The SWFL EV Owners provided a  photo and a video showing that there will be 14 Supercharging terminals at this new Fort Myers location.

    If you have a Facebook account you can view the video linked below:

    The following image of 7 Supercharger Cabinets confirms that there will be a total of 14 charging terminals. 

    Update as of July 1, 2018:

    The new Fort Myers Supercharger Station is operational even though the Tesla Find Us map currently shows it as "Coming Soon".

    Update as of July 3, 2018.

    Tesla's Find Us page now lists the new Fort Myers Supercharger Station as operational.

  • July 01, 2018 2:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The newly opened Museum Garage in the Miami Design District houses a 14-stall Supercharger Station that is now operational 

    Please scroll down to the bottom of the article for current updates.

    One of the members of the Tesla Motors Club forum noticed that the Tesla website shows the “Coming Soon” formerly named “Wynwood Supercharger is up and running about a mile away from Wynwood in the Design District.

    The Supercharger Station is located in the newly opened Museum Garage, located at 90 NE 41st Street, Miami, FL 33137. It appears to be a 14-stall station, but there is some uncertainty regarding the capacity of each terminal. The Tesla Find Us map states that the terminals are up to 120 kW, but the car’s navigation system currently states that they are up to 73 kW. The last new Miami area Superchargers located in parking garages were all Urban Style Superchargers and I am guessing that this new station may also be Urban Style.

    Here's a vicinity map:

    A recent local new article mentions that parking costs $3 for up to four hours. So we will need to find out whether there is any parking ticket validation process to reduce the parking fees at the Supercharger.

    Update as of June 30, 2018.

    I received the following  very helpful information from a local club member:

    The Museum Garage fee for the the first four hours is a reasonable $3, then $6 up to 6 hours and then it hikes to $25 maximum or for lost ticket.  

    The Institute of Contemporary Art museum is across the street from the garage.  It does not offer validation, but entrance is free of charge.  The attendant said that perhaps in the future. there may be validation.  

    The garage route is to drive one way up (to the 7th level) and then drive one way down another section of the garage to the exit.  In my estimation I thought there were two very tight turns.  One is close to the entrance and then one is close to the exit, an unusual stricture in such a large and spacious garage.  Be careful in these two spots.

    On the way up and on the incline, approaching the 3rd level are five ChargePoint stations. 

    At this 3rd level on the flat section there are eight Tesla Supercharger terminals. 

    Continue up to the 5th level and there are six Tesla Supercharger terminals. 

    As you can see from the photos, both these areas have Urban Style Tesla charging terminals, as we suspected.  (We'll let Tesla know that their Find Us webpage is incorrect.)

    Then on the way down, again at a 3rd level, there are six Tesla wall chargers.

    Larry Chanin
    President, Florida Tesla Enthusiasts

  • July 01, 2018 12:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This new operational Supercharger caught us by surprise.  Members of the Tesla Motors Club forum discovered this “Coming Soon” Supercharger with 18 - 120 kW charging terminals actually operating at Delray Marketplace at West Atlantic Avenue.  The location is programmed into the Tesla fleet’s navigation systems, but as of now it still shows as “Coming Soon” on the Tesla Find Us map.  You'll note if you carefully examine the photo that the location appears to have two rows of charging terminals.

    Here's the vicinity map.  The location is fairly close to the Florida Turnpike, but about 7 miles from I-95.

  • June 25, 2018 5:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Here's a portion of the group that gathered to celebrate the opening of the Aventura Mall Supercharger Station.

    For this public event about 30 people including club members, their guests, some non-members and Tesla employees got together for a meet-up and lunch at Aventura Mall to celebrate the opening of the new Aventura Supercharger Station. 

    We had a photo opportunity in the parking garage, where the 35 Urban style charging terminals are located.  That was followed by a visit to the new Tesla store and lunch at the nearby Tap 42, a popular craft kitchen and bar offering indoor and al fresco dining.

    Here's some photos:

  • May 31, 2018 3:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The "Coming Soon" Miami - Brickell Supercharger Station has been located by a member of the Tesla Motor Club forum and he reports that there are 25 charging stalls.  THEY ARE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

    He reports that it is in  "the lower level of the Brickell City Centre underground parking garage in lots A2 (10 chargers below Saks 5th Ave) and C2 (15 chargers north side of the garage). The electrician I spoke with working on the installation estimated they’d be ready in a month.

    This is a great location for people living/working in Brickell/downtown Miami, but visitors will have a hard time finding them. This garage is huge, so it’s unlikely there will be de-ICEing issues with these."

    Here's the vicinity: (For a full size view, right-click image and open it in a separate tab or window.)

    This is the first urban Supercharger location in Florida and appears to have a total of 25 charging stalls. Urban Superchargers have a lower capacity than Superchargers located along major highways, 72 kW versus 120 kW. 

    Here's some additional photos that he took.

    Update as of December 2, 2017.  

    One of our club members reports the following progress:

    The cabinets for the 10 chargers below Saks on level A2 are in place. The cables have not been installed although they are all present. All the equipment is physically installed but not connected. The site is not directly visible since it is covered with protective screening. I went behind, but could not take photos because my guide was exceedingly nervous that i was there at all.

    The 13 cabinets on C2, Aisle 10 are being wired right now. there were several electricians working connecting the wiring. They would not allow photos either. They did say they expected to complete their work on both sides before December 15, including inspections after which FPL still must complete their connection and turn on power. The electricians said they and Swire Group (Brickell City Center is theirs) were intent on having them all working before Christmas.

    Update as of December 30, 2017.

    Despite the Tesla website showing an opening at the end of 2018, a recent photo shows that the A2 level looks to be nearing completion.

    Update as of March 15, 2018

    Current reports indicate that there are 10 Urban Type (72 kW) Supercharger stalls under construction on the A2 level of the parking garage and 13 on the C2 level. (Not 15 as previously reported.)

    The Tesla website and the navigation systems in the Tesla fleet show that 13 Supercharger stall are now operational, indicating that the stalls are on the C2 level.  

    Tesla is now referring to this location as Miami, FL - SW 7th Street,  rather than Miami, FL - Brickell.

    Today a member on the Tesla Motors Club forum confirmed that the  13 Superchargers were operational and provided the following photo.

    Presumably the remain 10 stalls will be energized at a later date.

    Please note the green light on the charging port and the Urban style charging stall.

    Update as of May 31, 2018.

    The remaining 10 Urban Style Supercharger terminals have been energized.  Tesla now refers to this location as Miami - SW 8th St.

  • May 17, 2018 9:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Scroll down for updates to the original article.

    In a previous news article we reported that we believed that the Aventura Supercharger originally planned for 2017, now by the end of 2018, would be going in the new Parking Garage that was recently built as part of the new expansion at Aventura Mall.

    Rendering of new expansion of Aventura Mall. We believe that a Supercharger Station may be located in the parking garage on the right. 

    Yesterday a member of the Tesla Motors Club forum confirmed that information.  Here is his report:

    “I found the Aventura Mall Superchargers being installed in the bottom of the new mall garage built near the newly relocated Tesla store in the mall. They will be tucked away in a below grade ramp that’s somewhat hidden (good for de-iceing issues). It’s in the early stages of running conduits, but they have all the equipment onsite.”

    We will follow developments and provide a photo when it is available.

    Update as of March 27, 2018.

    A member of the Tesla Motors Club forum took the above photo in the new parking garage at Aventura Mall.  He noted 20 "white boxes" which are Supercharger Cabinets.  This means that this location will have 40 charging stalls!!  

    Update as of April 22, 2018:

    Photos posted on the Tesla Motors Club forum confirm that this will be an Urban Supercharger Station.  There appears to be two sets of 20 charging terminals currently installed.  Here's one bank of 20 terminals.

    Here's  one of two rows of  20 Urban Supercharger charging terminals.  On the extreme right you can see some of the Supercharger Cabinets.

    Update as of May 17, 2018:

    35 Urban Supercharger terminals are operational as of May 17, 2018.

  • May 12, 2018 3:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Tesla is proposing to locate a Tesla showroom on the upper level of the Gardens Mall, in the City of Palm Beach Gardens across from Saks Fifth Avenue and to the west of Macy’s.

    The proposed test drive vehicle parking/charging spaces are located within the parking area closest to Saks Fifth Avenue.

    Tesla is requesting a zoning code amendment to create a new use called, “Electric Automobile Showroom.”

    A public City Council meeting will hear the Tesla’s plans on December 7th at 7:00 pm.

    Here is a local media article:

    Tesla showroom coming to Gardens Mall, but first… some ground rules

    Update as of December 22, 2017

    Update as of May 12, 2018:

    Although this store isn't currently listed on the Tesla Find Us web page, it nevertheless is now open.

  • April 16, 2018 12:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Leilani Munter, Tesla owner, Race Car driver, Environmental Activist; and Loretta Hildalgo Whitesides, co-founder Yuri's Night, author, astrobiologist, Virgin Galactic advisor, and Zero G flight director.

    Florida Tesla Enthusiasts was invited to attend the Yuri’s Night Space Coast 2018  party at the Kennedy Space Center on Friday, April 13th.

    This event was sponsored by Yuri’s Night. Yuri's Night is a not-for-profit Space Enthusiasts club. Their mission is to use space to educate, inspire and bring the world a little closer together. Their organization was named after Yuri Gagarin, the first successful human space mission.

    This was their club’s flagship event and is fondly known as the largest space party on and off Earth. 

    The inaugural launch of the Falcon Heavy and Elon’s Roadster generated a TON of excitement around space exploration and the advancements of technology, specifically around SpaceX and Tesla. The Yuri’s Night team wanted to capture that energy so they invited us to participate by displaying a Radiant Red Roadster like the one Elon put into Mars - Earth orbit. 

    The party lived up to its reputation.  Here are a few photos:

  • March 11, 2018 6:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Miami skyline

    Depending on the property, it can be very difficult for people living in Multi-Unit Dwellings to receive approval from Home Owner Associations (HOAs) or Condominium Associations to install home charging equipment even in dedicated parking spaces.

    There are a few approaches to take. Education of HOAs, Urban Fast Chargers/Superchargers, etc., but we believe that a legislative approach is probably the most direct means of addressing this issue.

    There was a time when people living in Multi-Unit Dwelling couldn’t even install equipment for video reception until a common-sense law was enacted. Likewise, we think that the time has come for a similar fair and common-sense law to be passed dealing with the this charging equipment issue.

    As a starting point, our club prepared draft legislative language to make it easier for condo owners to obtain permission from HOAs or condo associations to install home charging equipment.

    The idea was to require condominium associations to bargain in good faith with the unit owners concerning the installation of electric vehicle charging equipment.

    The unit owners would have to pay for the installation, maintenance, electricity and abide by reasonable architectural standards, etc. However, it would be illegal for the associations to have deeds, covenants, contracts, policies or standards etc., which expressly prohibit, or unreasonably restrict or increase the costs to install or use an electric vehicle charging station.

    State Representative Randy Fine & Larry Chanin, President of Florida Tesla Enthusiasts

    For the last few months I have been in contact with State Representative Randy Fine. He is a Tesla owner and has personally experienced the problems of installing home charging at a condo that he was living in. He agreed to work with us to pass this type of legislation provided germane pending legislation could be found in which to a sponsor an amendment.

    In January I drove to Tallahassee to present this issue to members of Drive Electric Florida (DEF). Our club is a voting member in DEF. DEF is a coalition of electric vehicle (EV) stakeholder groups representing automakers, utilities, charging infrastructure providers, environmentalists, local government, universities, Clean Cities coalitions and EV enthusiast groups. It seeks to advance the energy, economic and environmental security of the state of Florida by promoting the growth of electric vehicle ownership and accompanying infrastructure.

    This is a very influential group of EV stakeholders and this particular meeting focused on legislative issues which effect EVs.  The DEF member companies sent their respective governmental affairs representatives to attend the session.

    I invited Rep Fine to attend and he provided short, but very meaningful remarks advocating his support of this issue. (Other legislators; State Senator Jeff Brandes and Rep Jason Fisher, were also in attendance, to address other pending EV-related legislation they are sponsoring.)

    During our celebration of the opening of the West Melbourne Superchargers, Representative Fine also discussed the Multi-Unit Dwelling charging issue.  If you have a Facebook account you can view his remarks here.  His remarks start at about 6 minutes 30 seconds into the video. (The video was provided by the Space Coast EV Drivers club.)

    Our club has been working on this issue, on and off, for quite some time. Unfortunately, there has not been much in the way of progress to report, up until now. I am happy to report that we found the appropriate, germane pending legislation upon which to add an amendment.  Representative Fine added language to House Bill 841, Community Associations, to address this issue, and on March 9th the bill passed, as amended, in both the House and Senate.

    As with anything in life, this amendment it is not perfect, but we now finally have a basis to pursue the installation of electric vehicle charging equipment in condominiums without arbitrary or unreasonable restrictions.

    I want to recognize the work done by both Representative Fine and Tesla's Policy and Business Development team working in Tallahassee to provide relief in this important area. 

    In Florida 30% of the residents live in multi-unit dwellings, and in some cities of high electric vehicle adoption the rate can be close to 60%.  As electric vehicles now begin to enter the mass market, this legislation will prove to be essential in maintaining the high rate of EV adoption in the state of Florida, along with the environmental and economic benefits associated with them.

    Update as of March 21, 2018:

    The bill has been signed by the legislative Officers and has been forwarded to the Governor for signature. He has until Thursday, April 5 to act on the bill.

    Update as of March 23, 2018:

    The Governor signed the bill into law!

    Update as of May 12, 2018:

    The law goes into effect July 1, 2018. It currently only applies to installing an electric charging station within the boundaries of the unit owner’s limited common element parking area.   The association must provide an easement across the common elements of the condominium property in support of such an installation.

    Larry Chanin

    President, Florida Tesla Enthusiasts


    Facebook: Florida Tesla Enthusiasts

  • February 03, 2018 3:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Florida Department of Motor Vehicles registration data for the third quarter 2017 shows that there were 22,125 plug-in electric vehicles registered in the state.  This total includes both fully battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electrics. Of that total, 8,555, or 39% were Teslas.  There were 36 different types of plug-in vehicles registered in the state.  Here is the ranking of the top 10.



    Number Registered


    Tesla Model S




    Chevy Volt




    Nissan Leaf




    Tesla Model X




    Ford Fusion




    BMW i3




    Ford C-Max




    Smart ForTwo




    BMW i8




    Toyota Prius Plug-In




    Other (26 other Plug-Ins)








    It is interesting to note that despite the cost of Teslas being two to three time the next second and third ranked plug-ins, the Tesla Model S ranked number one in the number of registrations.

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