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Tesla Updates its map of planned Supercharger Locations. Here's the outlook for Florida. (Public)

October 11, 2018 5:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Some of the 20 Supercharger terminals at the Sarasota Supercharger Station. 

This article is continuously updated as new Supercharger Stations in Florida come online.

Tesla owners in Florida are fortunate to have an abundance of Supercharger Stations. With 32 operating Supercharger Stations, Florida is ranked third in the nation behind California and Texas. Those 32 stations provide access to 327 individual Direct Current Fast Charging terminals that can charge at over 300 miles of range per hour. 

As Tesla continues to aggressively expand the number of Supercharger Stations in the Florida network, the size of many of these newer stations is also growing impressively.  For instance, whereas the first Supercharger Station in the state had 8 charging terminals, last September Tesla built a Supercharger Station in Sarasota with 20 – 120 kW terminals. 

Tesla has also introduced a new type of Urban Supercharger terminal. Designed for tight city locations the Urban Superchargers have a more compact design than the original Superchargers and they are deployed in even greater numbers.  For example, the new Urban Supercharger Station that recently went operational in Aventura Mall has 35 – 72 kW terminals. 

Some of the 35 Urban Supercharger terminals in the garage at Aventura Mall.

Below is a comprehensive table listing the locations of all of the 26 “Coming Soon” Supercharger Stations for Florida. 16 are planned for 2018 and 10 for 2019.  In addition, the table lists all 32 of the operating Supercharger Stations. For the operating stations, click the link to the name of the station for a description of the amenities available nearby.  In the comments section of the table are links to our articles discussing those "Coming Soon" locations that we have discovered to date. 

Supercharger Station Terminals kW Status Comment
Destin     Open 2018  
Gainesville     Open 2018 Confirmed the location of the “Coming Soon” Gainesville Supercharger Station will be at Butler Town Center (Public)
Celebration     Open 2018  
Tampa, FL - Wesley Chapel     Open 2018  
Tampa, FL - Clear Water     Open 2018  
Lakeland     Open 2018  
Yeehaw Junction     Open 2018  
West Palm Beach     Open 2018  
Boca Raton     Open 2018  
North Naples     Open 2018  
Weston     Open 2018  
Riverside Park     Open 2018  
Hollywood     Open 2018  
Miami Beach, FL - Bal Harbour     Open 2018  
Miami Beach, FL - South Beach     Open 2018  
Miami, FL - Coral Gables     Open 2018  
Pensacola     Open 2019  
Palm Coast     Open 2019  
Winter Park     Open 2019  
Union Park     Open 2019  
Winter Garden     Open 2019  
Millenia     Open 2019  
Cocoa West     Open 2019  
Beach Park     Open 2019  
Ochopee, FL (Alligator Alley)     Open 2019 At Ochopee on Alligator Alley the only suitable location is the Miccosukee Service Plaza.
Key West     Open 2019  
DeFuniak Springs  5 120 Operational  
Tallahassee 6 120 Operational  
Live Oak 12 120 Operational  
Lake City 6 120 Operational  
St. Augustine 6 120 Operational  
Ocala 8 120 Operational  
Port Orange 6 120 Operational  
Turkey Lake 6 120 Operational  
Orlando, FL - W. Sand Lake Rd 8 120 Operational  
Tampa -Wawa 8 120 Operational  
Brandon 8 120 Operational  
Pinellas Park 8 120 Operational  
West Melbourne 8 120 Operational  
Fort Drum 6 120 Operational  
Sarasota 20 120 Operational  
Port St. Lucie 8 120 Operational  
West Palm Beach 8 120 Operational  
Fort Myers 8 120 Operational  
Naples 8 120 Operational  
Plantation 16 120 Operational Plantation Supercharger Station has undergone an expansion to 16 terminals. (Public) 
Aventura 35 72 Operational  
Miami, FL - SW 8th Street  10 72 Operational  
Miami, FL - SW 7th Street  13 72 Operational  
Florida City 8 120 Operational  
Marathon 4 120 Operational  
Miami, FL - NE 41st Street 14  72   Operational “Coming Soon” Miami – “Wynwood” Supercharger is operational in the Design District (Public)
Delray Beach 18  120   Operational “Coming Soon” Delray Beach Supercharger found operational at Delray Marketplace (Public)
Fort Myers 14  120   Operational “Coming Soon” Fort Myers Supercharger location found under construction [Operational](Public)
Tampa, FL - Hyde Park   10  120   Operational "Coming Soon" Supercharger at Tampa-Hyde Park located [Operational] (Public)
Altamonte Springs 120   Operational Construction has Started on the Altamonte Springs Supercharger Station [Operational] (Public)
 Jacksonville 120  Operational  The location of the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Station in Jacksonville has been discovered [Operational] (Public)
 Pembroke Pines 16  120   Operational Found Pembroke Pines, "Coming Soon" Supercharger Station [Now operational] (Public)

Update as of June 15, 2018:

New Fort Myers Supercharger Station located, table updated.

Existing Plantation Supercharger Station is undergoing an expansion. 

Update as of June 18, 2018:

Permits were  located for the "Coming Soon" Gainesville Supercharger Station. It will be located at the Butler Plaza North Town Center and will have 10 charging terminals.  

Update as of June 28, 2018:

New Miami - "Wynwood" Supercharger Station, now named NE 41st Station is operational, table updated.

Update as of June 30, 2018.

Permits were located for the "Coming Soon" Jacksville Supercharger Station. It will be located at a new Wawa gas station at 4866 Gate Parkway, Jacksonville.

Update as of July 1, 2018.

They “Coming Soon” Delray Beach Supercharger was actually discovered operating at Delray Marketplace at West Atlantic Avenue.

Update as of August 1, 2018.

Although the Tesla Find Us map and the the Tesla fleet's navigation systems do not currently show the Tampa Hyde Park Supercharger Station as being operation, it has been reported on the Tesla Motors Club forum that the station is in fact operational.

Update as of August 4, 2018.

The Altamonte Springs Supercharger Station is operational.

Update as of August 30, 2018.

The Jacksonville Supercharger Station is operational.

Update as of September 11, 2018.

All 16 charging terminals at the Plantation Supercharger Station are now operational and are displayed on Tesla's Find Us web page and the navigation systems of the Tesla fleet.

Update as of October 11, 2018.

The Pembroke Pines Supercharger Station is now operational with 16 - 120 kW charging terminals. 

Please be on the lookout for signs of construction at the listed “Coming Soon” locations.  If you spot any construction activity that looks like a Supercharger installation, please send me some high resolution photos.

Larry Chanin
President, Florida Tesla Enthusiasts
Email: lfchanin@gmail.com

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