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Club Member David Havasi reminisces about the early days of Tesla. (Public)

April 22, 2021 11:19 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

David Havasi and "Old Blue"                          Photo Courtesy of David Havasi

Club member David Havasi aptly dubbed himself as the “Johnny Appleseed of Tesla.” David is one of those rare personalities; once you meet him, he leaves an indelible and uplifting impression.

Below is a link to an entertaining article he wrote for CleanTechnica. It’s reminiscent of the early days and describes David’s unique style in marketing Teslas.

Me & “Old Blue”: How The Original Tesla Roadster Helped Me Serve “The Mission” Well Beyond Its Production Run

The article doesn’t reveal that before being hired by Tesla and moving down to Sarasota, Florida, he was a song and dance man on Broadway, New York. David definitely did not waste those skills in promoting Tesla!

Since we both live in Sarasota, his article evokes old memories as we share some experiences and friends. Much of the article discusses his fondness for “Old Blue,” the Glacier Blue Tesla Roadster that he “parked like a pimp” to gain optimum exposure to the public. The article mentions that a Glacier Blue Roadster stopped in front of his wife in Sarasota traffic. That particular Tesla belonged to Nigel Mould, the first vice president and a founding member of our club.

It turns out that before I knew him, Nigel was instrumental in getting my wife and me hooked on Teslas. In 2011, Nigel arranged for Tesla to display an Alpha prototype of the Model S at the Sarasota Yacht Club. It had 12 coats of Signature Red paint. Sitting on those beautiful teak floors with that incredible paint job and fantastic styling proved irresistible to us. We immediately gave the kid with the iPad a deposit on the spot. After failing to convince Nigel to be the president of a new statewide Tesla club, I became president, and Florida Tesla Enthusiasts was born.

Alpha prototype of the Model S at the Sarasota Yacht Club in 2011.

The article also describes the morning of March 31, 2016, and provides a photo of the people lined up in front of the Tesla Store at University Town Center. I, of course, was in that line waiting to buy my wife her Model 3.

March 31, 2016 Sarasota Store during the Model 3 release. I'm at the end of that line. Photo Courtesy of David Havasi

Zack Shanan, director and chief editor of CleanTechnica also lives in Sarasota.  In 2019 he and David graciously conducted a live Podcast at the Laurel Oak Country Club in Sarasota.

David Havasi and Zack Shanan, director and chief editor of CleanTechnica, conduct an informative and delightfully entertaining live podcast in Sarasota.

If you look up the word "Enthusiast" in the dictionary, there is likely to be a photo of David along side it.  

Larry Chanin

President, Florida Tesla Enthusiasts

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  • June 18, 2021 7:23 AM | Matt G.
    This is a neat article to read since I was actually a server at the Sarasota Yacht Club and at the time when the Model S showed up it was like an alien spaceship. The looks and specs of the car were incomprehensible to young me. Now I'm a systems engineer, a Tesla enthusiast and have my own Model Y Performance. Life is unpredictable.
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