Titusville Supercharger Station discovered under construction at Target [Now Operational] (Public)

October 19, 2020 4:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

For a while, the only “Coming Soon” Supercharger Station for the Space Coast listed on Tesla’s Find Us map was the Cocoa West location. However, recently someone tweeted photos of a Supercharger Station breaking ground in Titusville. 

The tweet didn’t provide a site, but after doing a lot of Googling for good candidate locations, I found a Target store located at 3055 Columbia Blvd #101, Titusville, FL 32780.  As you may recall, Tesla has an arrangement with Target in which Target will host Supercharger Stations. 

After doing a bit of Google street views of the Target parking lot, they match up with the photo posted on twitter.

This will be a version 3, 16-stall Supercharger Station.  As is Target’s practice, they have requested that Tesla install SAE J1772 destination chargers as well. They will probably be two dual connector ChargePoint chargers that will accommodate four EVs.

Here’s a vicinity map:

This particular Target is in an excellent spot located off of I-95 and nicely splitting the distance between the Port Orange and West Melbourne Supercharger Stations.  

Here are some photos:

The white boxes with the "crosshair" markings are the four version 3 Supercharger cabinets.  So, this will be a 16-stall installation.

Here is the precise location in the northeast corner of the Target parking lot where the charging stalls will be located.  The 16 charging stalls will be located as marked by the red rectangles, 10 plus 6.  The Supercharger equipment will be installed in the tree space between the stalls.  The destination chargers will be accessible via four stalls adjacent to the 6 Supercharger stalls.

These are the beginning of the foundations for 10 charging terminals.

These are the foundations for the additional 6 charging terminals.  The two foundations closest are for the destination chargers.

Here is where the Supercharger cabinets and associated equipment will be mounted.

A close up of one of the charging terminal conduit.

Update as of October 11, 2020.

The four large white boxes are version 3 Supercharger cabinets.  I believe that the grey box in the middle is an autotransformer to boost the voltage. The boxes under the covering may be the main switchgear.  I am not sure why there are two meter cabinets. I believe that the small grey cabinet on the right is the Master Control Cabinet used to maintain remote access to the station.  

This is the utility power transformer.

These are six foundations for Supercharger charging terminals.  The additional two terminals nearest are for SAE J1772 destination chargers to accommodate up to four EVs. 

Here are the foundations for an additional 10 Supercharger terminals.

Updated as of October 16, 2020.

The previous series of four photos show work proceeding on the charging posts.

 This photo is of the main switchgear on the left, the four version 3 Supercharger cabinets, and the meter cabinets.  

This is a closeup of the switchgear. 

On the right is one of the two Dual Port ChargePoint Level 2 Chargers.  A club member informs me that these Level 2 chargers are active.

Update as of October 17, 2020.

A closeup of two meter cabinets.  One is sealed and the other is awaiting the utility to install the socket meter.

Update as of October 18, 2020.

Here's a photo of all 16 Supercharger posts.

Update as of October 19, 2020.

The Titusville Supercharger Station is Operational.

Today, the Tesla Find Us map shows an active Supercharger in Titusville, but when you click on the pin, it shows the "Coming Soon" Cocoa West Supercharger Station.  This suggests that this Titusville location replaces the Cocoa West location. 

Click the link below to view a YouTube video by Rafael Santoni, president of Tesla Owners South Florida.

The new Superchargers location at Titusville is now live.

Rafael took the video on October 18 and at the time he mentioned that the Supercharge Station was unannounced.  As of today, October 19, 2020, as shown above it is displaying on our navigations systems and on the Find Us map in a provisional status.  I expect Tesla to update the Find Us map to remove the reference to Cocoa West.

A nice healthy charge rate.

Larry Chanin

President, Florida Tesla Enthusiasts

email: lfchanin@gmail.com

Website: teslaownersflorida.org

Facebook: Florida Tesla Enthusiasts

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