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Confirmed the location of the “Coming Soon” Gainesville Supercharger Station will be at Butler Plaza (Public)

February 15, 2019 4:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


As you may be aware, the Tesla Find Us web page has listed a “Coming Soon” Gainesville Supercharger Station for some time now. 

For those of you that live near Gainesville, please keep a lookout for Supercharger construction activity at Butler Town Center in Gainesville.  We have received credible, but unsubstantiated reports, that the future Gainesville Supercharger Station may be located there.

Butler Town Center is currently under construction. It is comprised of Butler Plaza and Butler North which are existing huge shopping areas that are strategically located right off of I-75. One of the new expansions is a Whole Foods grocery store which is due to open this month.  As you may know, there has been a recent trend for Supercharger Stations to be sited near Whole Foods locations. 

In attempting to confirm our suspicions that Butler Town Center might be the location of a new Supercharger Station, one of the members of the Tesla Motors Club forums contacted the mall management and received the following response:

While we can’t confirm the details, we are working with a charging station company to install stations at Butler since it is right off the busiest interstate exit in Gainesville—we too feel it’s a great fit! We can confirm however that Whole Foods has added car charging stations to their parking lot—which will charge any brand of car (technically—but maybe slow for Teslas).

We will be releasing all the details soon once the arrangement is fully finalized.”

Here’s a map of the location:

Update as of May 7, 2018:

I had a Facebook messenger exchange with Butler management. In response to my inquiry about the number of chargers at Whole Foods, their response was:

Shop at Butler Whole Foods has installed two electric car charging stations, and more announcements to come!

I believe that the "more announcements to come!" remark is likely to be an announcement about the Superchargers. It is Tesla's practice to ask their host locations not to reveal or confirm Supercharger locations until the installation is operational. So we shouldn't be unduly disappointed if the Butler folks couldn't expressly state that a Supercharger Station is coming. The fact that they consistently state that there are more announcements or more details coming, to me is a very good sign.

Update as of June 18, 2018.

One of our club members has located the official permit. As you can see the permit request was filed on June 1, 2018 and is for a 10 terminal Supercharger Station at the 3217 SW 35th Blvd, Gainesville, which is the main address for Butler Plaza North Town Center.  

Update as of December 11, 2018:

Butler Enterprises has stated that soon Butler Town Center in Gainesville will be hosting a Tesla Supercharger Station. They also invited our club members and the public to join them on December 8th at their First Annual Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony in which Santa arrived in style in a Tesla Model X.

The Gainesville Sun reported on the event and discussed the Supercharger Station.  Here are some excerpts from the article:

Tesla’s 10 charging stations are expected to be operational in January

Gainesville is a welcome pit stop for many motorists heading by on I-75, but soon Tesla drivers will have an option to recharge their vehicles as they shop.

Butler Enterprises announced Saturday during the Town Center holiday tree lighting that it has partnered with Tesla, which specializes in electric car manufacturing, to bring 10 Tesla Supercharger stations to Gainesville.

Mary Reichardt, Butler’s corporate director of marketing, said the charging stations will be located in the parking lot west of Whole Foods, 3490 Archer Road, and behind Chili’s.

Reichardt said the charging stations located in Butler Town Center will be “a convenient stop off the interstate” for traveling Tesla owners.

They will be the first Supercharger stations in Gainesville. The closest currently are in Lake City and Ocala...

...Tesla is now working with the city of Gainesville on permitting, and hopes to begin and complete the charger stations in January.

The Tesla announcement was made in holiday-fashion, Reichardt said, as a Santa arrived at the Butler Town Center block party in a Tesla Model X, which launched into a festive music and lights show.

Comment: The article states that Tesla hopes to start and complete the Supercharger Station in January.  While it may be possible to build a station in four weeks, in my opinion the likelihood of obtaining an approved permit, starting and completing construction and obtaining inspection approvals in just four weeks is extremely unlikely.  Note that Tesla's initial permit application expired on November 28, 2018.

After Tesla obtains a permit and breaks ground, for those living nearby, please check the parking lot east of the Bonefish Grill (in the red area of the map above) for signs of construction and send me high resolution photos of the progress.

Update as of February 12, 2019:

As of February 12, 2019, the online permitting system still does not yet show that a permit has been issued, but the permit application records show an email exchange that suggests permit approval is imminent. The email is an exchange between the Site Acquisition Manager with Black & Veatch, Tesla's engineering and construction firm that is responsible for designing, site assessment and permitting of Supercharger Stations, and the Gainesville Chief Plans Examiner. The Site Acquisition Manager is inquiring regarding the status of the building permit and the Plan Examiner is responding that he is working on the permit, but General Liability & Worker Comp Certificates for the Tesla contractor performing the work are still required.

One of our club members and members of the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forums have provided photos showing the fencing, barricades, etc. in the location mentioned by Butler’s corporate director of marketing previously reported.  That is, it is located in the parking lot west of Whole Foods, 3490 Archer Road, east of the Bonefish Grill and behind Chili’s.  Although we do not yet see any Tesla equipment, one TMC member reported that when he visited the site that he spoke with an installer who said the site is definitely for the Tesla Superchargers.

It appears to me that the staging of this fencing and barricades is in preparation for the permit, but in the absence of a permit Tesla's contractor hasn't broken ground yet.

Here are some photos of the staging provided to me by our club member. 

Based on the photos provided to me, below are two Google views providing an orientation of where I thinks the charging stalls will go relative to the various landmarks in the shopping mall.

The Google view of the parking lot shows the previous layout. It has since been improved to install a sidewalk adjacent to the where the charging stall will be aligned.

This Google street view shows where the charging stalls will go in relation to the Bonefish Grill, Whole Foods and Chilli's.

Update as of February 15, 2019:

A permit for this project was issued today (February 15, 2019).

For those that live near the site, please periodically visit and take high resolution photos of the construction progress and send them to me.  Thanks.

Larry Chanin
President, Florida Tesla Enthusiasts

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